who are we ?

who are we ?

Who is our company?

The United Company for Commercial Cladding Panels is one of the modern companies in the sale of aluminum composite panels

who are we ?

United Cladding Trading Company

The United Company for Commercial Cladding Panels is one of the modern companies in selling aluminum composite panels, and these panels are characterized by compliance with international quality standards.

Obtained certificates and quality management system.

Our company excels in meeting the demands of customers in all technical, technical and design aspects in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and excellence in service to reach a long-term network of relationships.


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A word from the General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Muhammad Karim Al-Anzi
Chairman of Board of Directors
There is no doubt that the movement of internal markets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing a significant increase in the urban movement. Under the wise leadership that gives directions and support to the economic sector in general and to the industrial sector in particular in all fields, facilitating growth and permanent support to reach the desired success. Increasing expansions in projects leads to an increase in demand for our products. In light of Vision 2030, all indicators indicate an increase in urbanization and indicate an increase in long-term investments in the economic movement.

We, as the United Company for Claying Boards, have our own vision of contributing and participating in the success of that.

Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Hazazy
General Director
The United Company for Commercial Cladding Boards is distinguished by its in-depth study of the market of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the constant search for everything new in the development of our products, and to work hard to satisfy our customers and achieve their requirements, which we appreciate and cherish, and we strive to implement them with high accuracy.

We have a human team distinguished in the ability and maneuverability in the market, who has sufficient and advanced experience in penetrating the internal markets at present and the external markets in the future.

All of these elements will lead to an increase in demand and an increase in production and will contribute to achieving a good reputation in the Saudi market and the Middle East region.